The world’s largest tenderloin?

While listening to CNN’s Pipeline internet broadcast the other day, I heard the word ‘Iowa’ mentioned. My ears perked up: the word ‘Iowa,’ I just knew, would be followed up by a political candidate’s brief stop here and their moronic attempt to ‘be one of us.’

Instead, I heard a Budget Travel’s reporter, Erik Torkells, being interviewed about his recent road trip through Iowa.

Torkells went on and on… and on, about how wonderful his trip to Iowa was. The great people he met, the demolition derbies, our small town courthouses, Pella, Sioux City, Fairfield, Jefferson’s Bell Tower Festival, Marshalltown, Gladbrook’s Matchstick Marvels museum and Smitty’s king tenderloin in Des Moines.

This is exactly what we need in a time when Iowa is getting little media attention aside from the upcoming elections. It’s bad enough that late night television
fodder consists of nothing but bad jokes about Iowa.

Check out this excerpt from Torkells:

“Then we go to the drive-in (which has also since closed, the way drive-ins tend to do). It’s only my second drive-in ever, and I’m so excited by the prospect that I agree to see Cars while sitting in a car, even after we sat in a car all day.

We arrive early, and it’s like a John Mellencamp song. Kids are playing catch in front of the screen, Eddie Money’s Baby Hold On is blaring out of the speakers, and the sunset is so pretty it looks like God has taken up airbrushing. Just when the quintessential midsummer night can’t get any better, a big bug drifts down between us. We start to spaz out, and it lights up. I’m in Iowa, and it’s heaven.”

Thank you, Mr. Torkells, for getting us Iowans ‘right.’

Go to and type in Iowa to read Stop and Smell the King Tenderloin. — Roderick Kabel

P.S. The World’s Largest Pork Tenderloin is actually at the St. Olaf Tap in St. Olaf, Iowa. I could only eat half myself. It’s ginormous!