Once again, Snap Decisions

August brings our second annual photo contests winners and runner ups. We asked seven friends of Art Scene to assist with the judging. Each judge was from a different region of Iowa and most work in different careers in the arts. From business owners to artists to a professional photographer and even the wife of a publisher. The judging is final and we hope this issue gives our readers a little something different. Not to mention giving Iowa photographers a vehicle to show their talent.

All of the entries submitted this year were outstanding making choosing the winners much too difficult.

Last year, I was surprised that my picks were so very different than the other judges. This year, many of the judges choose a lot of the same entries for winners, though. A good sign, I’d say. And maybe, just maybe, my eye for photography is getting better as well.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. Prizes will be awarded in the next few weeks and winning entries will be posted on our Web site soon. The First Place winner in each category will receive one hundred bucks and First Runners-up will get gift certificates from The Art Store in Des Moines (www.shoptheartstore.com).

Welcome Miranda
Maybe some of you have seen recent ads in Art Scene and around the state for our open position for a qualified advertising sales person. Well, we found one. Her, that is. Miranda Perdue has joined our team and has come out of the gate with both barrels blazing.

In one week’s time Miranda has made more progress than we could have hoped for. Wished for. Or, prayed for.

She — as the illustrious words of Jimmy J.J. Walker says — is DY-NO-MITE!
— Roderick Kabel