Ode to Meghan Hackett

Some time ago, I was contacted by a writer in Dubuque looking for work. She had the credentials, the connections as well, and the spirit I enjoy. There wasn’t much writing I could assign her at the time but, I very much enjoyed her previous work.

A close friend, Brice Johnson, publisher of the “Original” VUE365 newspaper in Dubuque, had already published a few of her articles and as I perused his past issues of the VUE365, this inquiring writer’s name kept popping up. My intrigue with her and her writings grew immensely.

Her first article that caught my eye was about the National Geographic photographer, Louie Psihoyos — many of you should remember the article in Art Scene with Louie’s photo of Hunter S. Thompson on the cover.

The second article of hers that caught my eye was about comic book artists living in Iowa. Specifically, Phill Hester who lives in North English — many of you should remember the article in last month’s Art Scene with the superhero on the cover.

As one can tell, writing and journalism has no time limit. Hence, why we re-published two stories from Dubuque’s VUE365 by this writer. Her stories needed to be heard by more Iowans, and that’s just what she did. She shared with us and we shared her with you.

Unfortunately for me, I never did met her in person, but have heard many grand things about her. Sadly, I will never get to meet her, though. She passed away suddenly a few months ago.

Meghan Hackett was 23 years old, and as I’ve heard, her infectious smile touched many people. It is truly a loss to all of us, and to her family, her fiance Jeff, to Dubuque, Dubuque’s Young Professionals Network, and last, but not least, Iowa.

However, her pen will be timeless. — Roderick Kabel