Change is a good thing

Yes, we said that the exhibition scene would return this month, but it will not. Sorry. What we should have told you last month is that we’re actually eliminating the exhibition scene. For a good reason, though — more editorial. Trust me. Change is good, right?

Likewise, I’d like to remind you that we have an online calendar (that’s free to everyone) and most of Iowa’s exhibitions are already there. Many people are entering their entire year’s worth of events and happenings, too. So for those that will miss our exhibitions, please check out our online calendar to keep yourself abreast of what’s happening across Iowa.

And along with this change, we’re doing a little sprucing up on our cover and inside pages. Just a little. We’re taking our time and making a few
aesthetic changes that we think are beneficial — and they just look darn
pretty. Besides, change is a good thing, right.

On to this month’s cover story. Andrew Brink brings us a glimpse into Des Moines’ theater world. Surprisingly to me — with Des Moines’ large population — one would assume that its’ theater scene is as large as its’ vibrato. However, as Andrew points out, there are numerous aspects to being an actor that many of us don’t realize exist. Such as Joseph Leonardi points out, “At times, there can be little to sustain us.” Which makes a person wonder if this is true throughout our state. Needless to say, it’s tough out there all over.

Oh! I almost forgot. For those of you who have missed our weekly newsletter Culture Flash, it’s coming back soon. Are you signed up? — Roderick Kabel