Art Scene Iowa started in 2003 as the only Iowa independent publication dedicated exclusively to the arts and cultural scene. We are the gateway for patrons and consumers of Midwestern art, galleries, attractions, museums, performances and suppliers in a monthly newspaper. Our innovative approach to cultural journalism means…

• Elevating public awareness of our increasingly dynamic arts landscape;

• Engaging artists and patrons in cross-cultural promotion;

• Serving to connect our arts communities and their artists;

• Informing and educating our cultural communities of past, present, and future developments of opportunities within the Midwest; and,

• Stimulating increased cultural involvement, consumerism and activity.

With intriguing articles, insightful bios, art and cultural news, an on-line calendar and savvy reviews, Art Scene helps fill the void for those who want to know what is happening in the Midwest’s cultural landscape.

Art Scene continues to expand its independent reach and impact by raising awareness and visibility of arts and cultural happenings across the Midwest. Each month, we continue to deliver to tens of thousands of readers information about the arts and cultural happenings. Our stable of writers and distribution network allows us to develop a unique and appealing resource for art and cultural consumers. Our articles focus on our cultural landscape while giving our advertisers the reach they’re looking for. We envision when our readers in their communities think about “getting out of town for a day,” Art Scene can help guide them to enjoy the Midwest’s arts and cultural opportunities. By carrying your cultural message to our readers, they will come to your community and business knowing who you are and where to find you.